Face Shield

Product Description
Our product; Ideal for Long Use, Lightweight, Washable, Reusable, Soft
It has features like foam tape and movable screen.
 Our Glass Viewfinder is Pet Material.

Technical Data
Movable Visor Colors: Black / Orange / Blue / Green / Red
Trench Color: Clear, colorless
Movable Visor & Visor Material: PP + PET
Weight (gr)
PP: 37 gr.
Sponge Band: 2 gr.
Tire: 0.5 g
PET: 30 gr.
Packaged Weight: 95 gr.
Our product has CE certificate and ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Applications and Instructions

* For personal use,
* Its face can be applied to microbes and small objects etc. protects against
* It is not a medical product.
* It consists of forehead shield, forehead protective sponge, rubber and shield.
* Suitable for all users.
* Since the pet shield has high light transmittance, it does not tire the eyes,
* It does not mist for a long time and is not affected by breath.
* It can be used in factories, markets, pharmacies, municipalities, places with high human density and jobs.
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